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About Us


Company "Nifco Plast" is a manufacturer polietelenovoy package, polyethylene pipes and PEX-A pipe in the Baltic.

Over time , our company has proved itself as a stable and predictable partner .
Manufacturing production capacity capable of producing a wide range of containers ( capacity of 0,200 ml to 25 liters ) . The range is constantly updated with new forms of manufacturing for mass production and for the individual customer .
In the production of blown and equipped with modern computer-controlled extrusion mashiny.oborudovannye to significantly reduce production costs and offer the customer good prices . The company's products has been widely used in the food (milk yogurt) and chemical ( acid industrial oils , coolants , etc.) industry.
Very widely used as a polyethylene pipe , PVC pipe and PEX-A produced by our company Our experts go to the customer within 24 hours of receipt of a signal for help and advice on various issues . Streamlined clear system of "production -client" , which includes a range of measures , ranging from strict control over the quality of the product to product delivery to the warehouse to the customer.
Delivery of products in the Baltic States is carried out within one to two days of rare cases .
Production has a number of certificates. Geography of supplies includes both the EU and the North- West region of Russia.

We help our clients choose the right capacity necessary for him or necessary for his needs and to expand its pipe sales geography .
Using our services , you are completely solve problems of packaging for your products.
We hope for your best choice , and will be glad to see among our clients.

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